Which one should I use?

Which one should I use?

Which one should I use?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bleacher Report, Tim Keeney

Adrian Peterson Was Accused of Second Child Abuse Incident of 2013

Ethos: The author has credibility by being an author of Bleacher Report, and also listing himself as a "Featured Columnist".

Logos: The writer appeals to the readers emotions by incorporating many quotes about the situation. The situation is affecting everyone's emotions, considering Adrian Peterson is being accused of two child abuse charges. The writer also appears to the reader's emotions by displaying quoted conversations about the cases, showing how horrible Peterson was to his kids.

Pathos: The statistics and the information given are very important, especially during a rough time for the NFL. This is a very important case, and the fact that he's getting accused of beating another one of his children shows how horrible he is to them. A conversation he and the mother of the children had was horrible as well.

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